If one day you have the chance to come visit, try to remember that for us dolphins the ocean is our home. Just like humans, we have different activities throughout the day: we hunt for fish, we play, we rest, we feed our young, we travel, etc.

So, if you want our encounter to be enjoyable, here are some things to remember:

  • Before you try to interact with us, make sure you aren’t bothering us.
  • Let me come to you. Don’t try to chase me.
  • Don’t give me any fish. I have plenty of food in the ocean. The fish you buy is often frozen and harmful to my health.
  • Get in the water quietly; don’t jump on top of me.
  • Your hands could hurt me or contaminate my sensitive skin. Please, don’t try to touch me.
  • Remain calm.
  • Look under the surface, you will surely have the opportunity to see and hear me.
  • If I leave, I have a good reason to go. Don’t try to catch up with me.
  • Stay close to your boat or you might get hit by another boat or a jet ski.
  • Look around, the ocean is filled with treasures to discover.
  • And above all RESPECT and PROTECT the ocean.

If you can follow this simple advice, and if I happen to meet you, I will always remember the time that we’ll spend together.

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